Speaking and Training

I’m available to speak at your conference, leadership or staff gathering on a variety of topics related to leadership, ministry strategy, healthy teams and building volunteer and staff teams. We can also customize half-day, full-day and two-day workshop experiences to meet your staff or volunteer team’s needs.

Contact me below about your event or if you’re interested in learning more.

Sample Topics:

Creating an Outsider Focused Culture in Your Church

It’s natural to be insider focused, because what comes natural to us is us. It is not natural to let other people go before us, think about what others prefer before our own preferences, or meet the needs of others before meeting our needs first. We are naturally self oriented as people so it’s no surprise that businesses, organizations, or even churches tend to be so as well. That’s why Jesus and the Apostle Paul directly connect spiritual maturity to becoming others oriented. In this training I will give you the tools and help you evaluate which ministries in your church have drifted towards becoming insider focused and help you identify steps to be more outsider focused as a church.

Recruiting, Hiring, and Leading Teams that Make Vision Real

If God truly has given you a vision of a preferred future and entrusted you with something to lead then most likely it’s going to be bigger than you can do alone. Which means you’re going to have to get this done with a team. I’ll help you identify why hires go wrong, take steps to building an effective staffing strategy, understand the 5 phases of a effective hire and the stages that a team goes through as the church grows.

What Every Team Wants from their Leader

There are 5 key questions that every team member needs their leader to answer for them. By not understanding and answering these questions for your team you’re in danger of putting a lid on your team, putting a lid on your leadership, and ultimately losing your team to other leaders who will answer these questions for them. But answer them well, and you’ll become the kind of leader that people want to follow.

What Every Leader Wants from their Team

Surprisingly most Ministry Staff Members have never stopped to consider that their Pastor may want something more than just keeping numbers going up and to the right and keeping complaints about their ministry to a minimum. I’ll help your team understand what life is like on the other side of the desk and help your team understand 4 key principles that every leader wants their team to embrace.

Building and Leading a Volunteer Organization

By now it’s obvious that you’ll never have enough resources to hire all the staff that you need to accomplish the vision of the church. The only way it will happen is if you equip the church to be the church by recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers. We’ll walk through strategies and principles to help you make your vision become reality without the need to hire more staff members.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No worries, let’s talk and I’ll shape a training that meets your needs and helps you get where you want to go.