Staffing & Structure Review

In our consulting roles with churches, one of the most common requests we receive is to help assess church staffing and structure. Though we serve churches in a number of ministry strategy areas, this is one of our favorite ways to help churches. Simply put, it’s just fun helping a church position their staff team to best fit both the ministry and the individuals involved.

We could be wrong, but we think many churches are at a place now where giving has plateaued or declined, yet their ministry impact still continues to grow. Because we’re in a new economy in what appears to be a slow recovery, churches are recognizing that waiting for giving to increase to address staffing needs isn’t going to work. Churches are restructuring and repositioning staff to free up resources to fill needed ministry roles.

When we engage with a church to review their staffing strategy, we typically do the following:

  • Have the ministries complete an initial online survey to get an overview of the current health of the church
  • Learn about the church’s vision and discipleship strategy to form the foundation for the revised staffing structure
  • Have the key staff leaders complete an online profile to learn about their unique gifts, personalities and passions
  • Facilitate group conversations with the staff leaders to talk through what’s working and what needs to be tweaked to fulfill the church’s vision
  • Meet one-on-one with the senior pastor, executive pastor and all the key staff leaders
  • Provide an executive summary outlining a recommended structure, realignment of current staff and identifying gaps for future hiring
  • Schedule two follow up calls within 60 days.

Honestly, it ends up being a pretty fun process for both the staff teams and us. We love hearing the stories of how God is working in different ministry settings using uniquely gifted people to reach very different communities and cultures. And, we love watching people light up when they recognize God has gifted them differently from their peers. There’s nothing like watching the body of Christ coming together as God intended it.

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