2013 in the Rearview Mirror

When you’re in the middle of the daily grind it can be difficult to see what kind of progress you’re making. That’s why it’s helpful from time to time to take a step back, review the ground you’ve taken, and celebrate the wins! After all what gets celebrated, gets repeated! So below are some of the life and ministry highlights that I experienced in 2013!

1. The Birth of my 4th Child

After 17 years of marriage, 3 kids and about a 4-year span with no diapers Lisa and I decided to go for number 4. The Lord was gracious and gave us Wyatt Grant. The kid is just plain fun and we love having him in our family!

2. Baptisms

We broke the 500 barrier on the Gilbert Campus this year! We saw 508 people choose to be publicly baptized this year. Definitely a high water mark in my ministry career!

3. Generosity

In partnership with our friends at Harvest India, Sun Valley gave more than $150,000 to care for the needs of 300 orphans in India for an entire year!

4. Team Building

We made two incredible additions to the Gilbert Campus Team. We hired Caleb Landon to serve as the new Worship Pastor and Miguel De La Mora as the High School Pastor. Both of these guys are a great fit and have made an immediate impact! I love having them on the team!

5. Risk and Reward

We took a big risk this year as Matt Thompson who has led worship on the Gilbert Campus for the last 7 years made the move to start leading at the Tempe Campus in order to help the Tempe Campus take ground. To back-fill Matt we hired Caleb Landon (mentioned above). As a result both campuses are taking ground and the team is stronger!

6. Coaching and Consulting

I love working with churches and church leaders and helping them make vision real. There is a huge gap between most churches vision and the reality they’re leading in. I’m at my best when I’m helping churches and church leaders navigate that gap. If you’re unfamiliar with my partnership with The UnStuck Group then you need to get to know this team today! And by the way…I just started taking applications for my next Leadership Coaching Network. Interested?

7. The Next Generation

The Children’s Ministry grew by more than 6% and the Student Ministry grew by more than 16% on the Gilbert Campus! For a guy that got his start in ministry working with Students I love seeing the next generation impacted by the Gospel!

8. A New House

The Alexander Family moved from Chandler to Gilbert to be closer to the Gilbert Campus that I have the opportunity to lead day-to-day. Needless to say my honey-do-list got a bit longer this year.

9. Small Groups

Involvement in Small Group Bible Studies increased by more than 23% this year on the Gilbert Campus! Life change happens best in the context of relationship and I love the fact that more people are getting connect in meaningful relationships centered around God’s Word!

Within a 10-mile radius of the Gilbert Campus there are 880,000 people who don’t go to church anywhere. So while we’re nowhere near done, I’m excited about the ground we’re taking!

I’d love to hear about the family and ministry wins you experienced in 2013! Leave a comment!

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  1. Joyce Koprowski January 22, 2014 at 3:18 pm #

    1. We moved back to Florida from Georgia, even tho we fell head over heals in love with.

    2. Started going back to church on a regular basis.

    3. Strengthening our own marriage.

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