This Easter join me in caring for 350 Orphans in India

This Easter would you consider doing something different? Would you consider joining me in caring for 350 orphans in India through the ministry of Harvest India? All the information you need to familiarize yourself with Harvest India and how you can join in is below! Scroll to the bottom of this post and check out a quick 2 minute video about how God is using Harvest India to advance the work of Gospel throughout India!

Who is Harvest India?
Harvest India is a holistic ministry that is working to transform a nation that is desperate to experience the love of God and the forgiveness that can only come from Jesus. Harvest India came out of the heart of an Indian FOR India and seeks to reach India through meeting vast physical needs as a platform to start new churches that are transforming communities throughout the country. This past January Sun Valley began a new Strategic Partnership with Harvest India after an 18 month process of building a relationship and even visiting Tenali, India where Harvest India is located to see if God was leading Sun Valley to enter into this partnership.

Why Harvest India?
As a church, we do three things for strategic impact outside the four walls of Sun Valley: Church Planting, Leadership Development and Social Justice. We call these our signature passions. We partner with local and international organizations that are involved in these areas. When we find a partnership that does all three of these as a comprehensive approach to their ministry, we prioritize that partnership. What makes Harvest India even more exciting is they are an Indian ministry, that is run and staffed by Indians. We believe that Indians have a better understanding of the issues facing India, and that it is Indians that will ultimately reach India.

How Are Lives Being Transformed?
Because of the caste system that is ingrained into the dominant Hindu culture of India, it is morally irresponsible to care for those that are poor. Most of India’s 1.3 billion live in poverty and struggle to survive. Harvest India has as its mission “To Carry Christ’s Compassion To Every Village In India.” They do this through four key areas of focus: Mercy Ministries, Orphan Care, Education and through Sharing the Gospel. Everyday Harvest India is making a difference in India by demonstrating God’s love in practical ways and sharing the good news that Jesus changes lives!

How Can I Get Involved?
First, prayerfully consider what God may be asking you to give this Easter to the ministry of Harvest India for our Easter Generosity Offering. Our goal as a church is to raise over $150,000 to fully care for 350 orphans for an entire year! Second, be a part of a mission trip to Harvest India October 17-27, 2013. This trip will give you an opportunity to see firsthand the work of Harvest India, and also give you an opportunity to minister to children and help with work projects. For more information on the Harvest India Mission Trip please email Matt Swartz

Steps to Give Online:
1)Go to GIVE
2) Choose “Give Now”
3) Sign In
4) From “Give To” choose “Easter 2013 Harvest India”

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