Ministry Health Assessment

What if an experienced ministry leader could join your team and bring fresh perspective to your strategies, systems and structure? The purpose of this assessment is to give you a current snapshot of your ministry’s health and best position your church to fulfill your vision.

First Phase: Initial Assessment

  • You’ll take our online ministry survey.
  • I’ll travel to your church for a two-day, on-site visit with you and your leadership team.
  • I’ll observe your weekend services and weekend ministry venues.
  • We’ll engage group and one-on-one conversations to discuss your systems and various ministry strategies.
  • If you’d prefer, I can focus this experience on one ministry area of the church.
  • I’ll deliver an executive summary with observations, comparisons of various benchmarks to like-minded churches and specific recommendations for next steps.
  • We’ll schedule a follow up call or video chat to review the executive summary together.

Second Phase: Ongoing Coaching & Consulting

Having previously completed the first phase, these ongoing coaching and consulting services are intended to help you implement the next steps identified in the assessment executive summary, help you as you continue to develop as a leader and guide strategic next steps for your church.

This ongoing relationship will include:

  • Conversations to drill down on your most pressing leadership and ministry issues
  • Direct access to me between site visits and phone calls (your emails get priority treatment and jump to the top)
  • Phone or web chat participation in lead team meetings
  • Regular monitoring of church health metrics
  • One-on-one leadership development and coaching by phone
  • Periodic on-site visits

With this ongoing relationship, I will be positioned to help you implement your action plan. I will also be available as needed to speak into ministry leadership decisions including staffing issues, strategic priorities, budgeting, ministry expansion options, improving service environments and leadership development.

My primary goal will be to help you strengthen your vision, develop your leadership and the capacity of the team around you, and increase the impact of your church’s ministry.

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