Endorsements of Paul Alexander

scott_ridout“Paul is one of the best systems thinkers I know.  He has the ability to break vision down into strategic, manageable, forward motion actions.  His follow through concepts bring even the least organized person on the squad in alignment with team goals/progression.  His experience as a leader and a follower allow him to relate to all involved in the process.  Paul would be a great asset to any group that wants to create meaningful change.”

Scot RidoutSun Valley Community ChurchLead Pastor

tony_morgan“Paul is a strategic thinker with a proven leadership track record. He has a tremendous heart for equipping the local church with the necessary tools to accomplish their mission. I’m excited to have Paul working with me to help churches get unstuck!”

Tony MorganTony Morgan LiveChief Strategic Officer and founder of TonyMorganLive.com

MikeWork“Paul Alexander is a natural leader and a great coach. He’s strategic, constantly learning, and has been very helpful to me in my ministry leadership and management. Having worked in several growing ministry environments, he understands what it takes to build teams, determine priorities and create plans that bring change.”

Mike WorkYouth SpecialtiesVice President of Operations

kerrydodd“Paul is a very talented leader who knows how to form and implement strategic plans, while encouraging and building leaders in the process. He is methodical in planning his approach, and builds his processes to include appropriate goals, steps, budgets, and measurement for completion. During my time working with Paul, he demonstrated how to focus on projects and refocus when scope changed or obstacles rose up. While learning from Paul, he made things “reproducible” which has allowed me to keep my teams on task and lead them to do the same.”

Kerry DoddMars Hill ChurchCFO

kyle-wall“Paul Alexander is simply brilliant when it comes to helping pastors and churches get laser-focused on their purpose, process and values. I believe he is one of the top strategic thinkers in the church today. After connecting with him, you will be encouraged, inspired and equipped. I highly recommend Paul to every church that wants to improve its alignment-to-purpose and process-of-ministry.”

Kyle WallAtlantic Shores Baptist ChurchSenior Pastor

jeffgokee“When it comes to leadership Paul is an artist. He has the unique ability to sort through dysfunction and create simple answers and solutions.  I’ve been personally affected by his incredibly meticulous mind and loving heart.  He approaches each situation with a gospel mindset which makes him a very powerful influencer.  Looking over the span of his ministry career you will find people along the way who would point to Paul as the catalyst for healthy change in their context…I know I do.  I can not emphasis enough what a great help Paul will be for your organization.  Not only is Paul a great leader, but he’s also a faithful friend.”

Jeff GokeePhoenixONEExecutive Director of PhoenixONE and Founder of Wallets for Water

aaronmcrae“When I have a leadership question Paul is always one of my first calls. He is a gifted leader and strategist. Paul knows how to ask the right questions to properly diagnosis current systems, and the unique capacity to help teams formulate a plan that is both practical and attainable. Working with Paul has been an encouragement and has stirred in me the desire to be a better leader.”

Aaron McRaeHillside Community ChurchSenior Pastor

“Paul Alexander is exactly what we asked God for: knowledgeable, humble, approachable, and right on target. He helped us coalesce around a specific strategy and vision while addressing real fears.  His heart beats for the gospel and His desire is for the church and pastor to be successful.  I sense real hope among our people that vision on paper will transfer to our hearts.”

Joe StewartSabino Road Baptist ChurchLead Pastor

real_life_cc“The Elder Board at Real Life Christian Church elected to hire Paul Alexander on as a consultant to help us structure a more defined and organized search process to find our next Lead Pastor. Paul’s consultation and advice proved to be exceptionally valuable. He invested time into fully understanding our past and vision, which evolved into identifying many key points and questions that needed to be considered. Paul’s help in the process instilled confidence that we were making the right moves on this very important decision. We recommend Paul to any church or organization seeking a consultant.”

iratowns“This Coaching Network was one of the most beneficial experiences of my ministry life. The wealth of knowledge and challenge of the status quo that a group of leaders gathered in a room for focused and guided discussion is invaluable. Every topic introduced to the group fit with my current situation or applied to the vision I have for the future. Sometimes it just helps to get into a room of leaders and hash out why you are doing what you are doing and if you really are headed in a positive direction. The Coaching Network provided a great environment for self-evaluation while considering other possibilities of how to accomplish the ministry God has called me to do.”

Ira TownsAtlantic Shores Baptist ChurchExecutive Pastor

RonMerrell_lg“Paul Alexander is one of those rare pastor-leaders who possess the Golden Trio of skill-sets: Thinker, Communicator, Relator.  His ability to think strategically in making vision become reality is a strong suit.  His talent in communicating those steps with clarity and conviction are equally strong.  And yet, my favorite quality that Paul brings to the table is how he manages to do both of these things while making people feel like they’re a valuable part of the process.  In a ministry context, Paul never loses sight of the heart of Jesus in the midst of very pragmatic dialogues.  I worked for him for years and saw this first hand, and I’d work for him again in a heartbeat.”

Ron MerrellThe Heights ChurchTeaching Pastor

“Paul has the great ability to help you assess your present reality, dream your future, and then in an easy to understand step by step process guide you towards designing a pathway that will lead towards healthy growth. He has a caring heart not just for your ministry but for you as well. I gladly recommend Paul as a coach and consultant.”

John NicholsRockPoint ChurchHigh School Director

“The Coaching Network was an great opportunity to experience the learning process with other leaders who were all dealing with the similar issues. Paul is an excellent facilitator, and combines his experience with practical, simple steps and strategies to help leaders maximize their potential!”

Colin NoonanMountain View Lutheran ChurchYouth Pastor

joemcginnis“Paul is a teacher, a coach, and pastor all wrapped up in one. He is one of the best strategic thinkers I know. Paul will sit down with you and ask the questions that get to the heart of the vision for your ministry. He’ll challenge you and lead you into clarity both personally as well as organizationally…and he does all of this speaking through experience and the heart of a pastor. I highly recommend Paul to any church that is ready to discover organizational clarity.” 

Joe McGinnisFellowship Bible ChurchPastor of Community and Family

“Paul Alexander knows systems and leadership. That used to be frustrating to me. But through working with Paul I’ve learned that having good processes helps our ministry truly care for people. Paul has the ability to help leaders expand their understanding of organizational alignment to make a greater Kingdom impact.”

Jason BarrineauCommunity of Faith ChurchStudent Team Leader