Recruiting & Hiring Strategy

A lot of churches are stuck because they simply don’t know how to run an effect search process for their next team member. I can help you with that!

I’ll help you build a staffing strategy and develop an actionable plan to recruit and hire the best team members to help you get where you want to go. I’ll walk you through a clear 5 Step Process that will lead you to the ideal candidate and help you get answers to tough questions like:

  • Who is the preferred candidate we should be looking for?
  • How do we write an effective job description?
  • What should the salary structure and package look like?
  • Will we hire from within or from the outside?
  • How do we market the role and develop a candidate pool?
  • How do we build a process to effectively vet the candidates?
  • How do we make the job offer?
  • Once that candidate is here, how do we get them up and running successfully?

Need help building your team? Let’s talk!