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Leadership Summit 2016: Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally served as the President and Chief Executive Officer at Ford Motor Company from 2006 – 2014 shared his principles and practices for teams that work well together. He did a fantastic job of sharing his real-world leadership journey of transitioning from Boeing to Ford.

Principles and Practices of Working Together

  • People first
  • Everyone is included
  • Compelling vision, comprehensive strategy, and relentless implementation
  • Clear performance goals
  • One plan
  • Facts and data
  • Everyone know the plan, the status, and areas that need special attention
  • Propose a plan, positive, “find-a-way” attitude
  • Respect, listen, help, and appreciate each other
  • Emotional resilience – trust the process
  • Have fun – enjoy the journey and each other, but humor can never be at someone else’s expense
  • Walking into new problems at Ford upon leaving Boeing
    • Regionalization had created low synergy levels in the organization
    • Consumer tastes were changing and we were behind
    • We were fast followers
    • The economy was slowing down and fuel prices were going up
    • They were losing money on every brand and every vehicle
    • Was picked up in a Land Rover not a Ford to be taken to the head quarters from the airport
    • None of the Ford Executives drove a Ford
  • Look at the data and it will tell you who’s hot and who’s not
  • Don’t look at the success you’ve had but the ground you still have to take to make the gap between vision and reality smaller
  • Deal with reality, build a plan to deal with it, and trust and help each other to improve it

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