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Leadership Summit 2017: Marcus Lemonis

With many ventures on his resume, including the hit TV show, The Profit, Marcus Lemonis has invested$40 million of his own money into helping small businesses. Additionally, he is the CEO of America’s #1 source for RV’s and the largest organization of R owners in the world. Lemonis lends his expertise to other entrepreneurs using his evaluation system of three keys for business health and success; people, process and product.

  • The television show is just a mechanism for me to deliver a message
  • I don’t care much about money
  • My mom was my mentor
  • Leadership is about reinventing yourself
  • Business is about vulnerability
  • Business and life are about building connections
  • Your ability to experience success is directly connected to ability your to be vulnerable
  • When you unlock someone’s heart and built trust you can navigate anything together
  • Vulnerability is very difficult to unleash
  • Is there anybody that works with you or for you that you wish didn’t? If there is then shame on you.
  • I see myself as a leader regardless if it’s with business, friends, or family.
  • It’s your duty to make sure everyone who works for you is successful
  • The best leaders are colorblind and even aptitude blind
  • What is your purpose and what is your role in that purpose?
  • I’ve always felt like an underdog, how do I take what I have and go find other people who are just like me?
  • I made it my mission to pick people like me and help them, not just with words or money but with my hands
  • I got involved in helping small businesses. It was not the greatest investment on paper but it was the greatest investment for me.
  • Leadership means taking a chance on yourself first and then making moves that aren’t about you.

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