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Global Leadership Summit 2013: Oscar Muriu

As day 2 of Leadership Summit began wrapping up Oscar Muriu who serves as the Senior Pastor at Nairobi Chapel in Kenya gave an inspiring talk about multiplying your impact exponentially. Under Oscar’s leadership Nairobi Chapel has grown from a 40 person local church to a network of 30 churches with more than 14,000 in weekly attendance!

5 Convictions of Leadership Development

  • #1 came from Matt. 9:37-38 The size of your harvest depends on how many leaders you have.
    • The problem is not the harvest, it’s the harvesters
    • Jesus’s own strategy was to first find his leaders and invest in them not jump into the field
    • If you don’t have leaders around you, your reach will be limited by how many other leaders you raise up
    • One of the indicators of great leadership is how many leaders you raise up to continue after you
  • #2 came from Psalm 71:18 Live for the next generation
    • The problem is you are born into your own generation
    • When you grow up with, get married with, have kids with, grow old with and die with your generation your vision will die with your generation
    • The only way for your vision to live beyond you to instill it in others who will be there after you are gone
    • You know you are doing this successfully if the people you’re investing in are at least 20 years younger than yourself
    • Each of his leaders is responsible for meeting with 5 younger leaders for a year
  • #3 came from Numbers 11:10-18 Identify the budding leaders around you and take them to the Lord in prayer
    • There were already 70 1st class leaders sitting there right under Moses’ nose – in 1 day he found 70
    • Your “competition” can see them (young leaders) but sometimes you can’t see them because you’re too close to the situation…get help to identify them / remember what you were like
  • #4 came from Mark 12:30-33 Instill the 5 loves into your budding leaders
    • Love the Lord your God with all your heart: character
    • Soul: conviction
    • Mind: comprehension
    • Strength: competence
    • Neighbor as yourself: compassion
  • #5 came from Acts 4:13 Never do ministry alone, always have budding leaders around you
    • The secret of Jesus’s investment into his 12 was the scope of time
    • To be alone is to waste an opportunity to mentor a young leader
  • The more harvesters you have, the greater your harvest will be

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