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chic-fil-a leadercast andy stanley

If you missed the Chic-fil-A Leadercast this past Friday then you missed out on some great content! But no worries you can catch up quick. I’m going to post my notes and take aways from each of the sessions over the next couple of days! First up was Andy Stanley…enjoy!

Leadership is important because of uncertainty. Uncertainty isn’t an indication of poor leadership. Uncertainty underscores the need for leadership.

 3 Questions to Choose by:

1. What would my replacement do?

If you were the new CEO what would you do…because they aren’t going to be in love with memories and the history of what has happened, they are going to be in love with the mission, vision, values, and the future. What if you walked out of the room and came back in with fresh eyes and made decisions based on the mission, vision, values, and future? Resource to check out: “Only the Paranoid Survive” book by Andy Grove

2. What would a great leader do?

This question takes you out of the immediate of the situation and re-frames the moment you are in

“If we get better, customers will demand that we get bigger” Truett Cathy

3. What story do I want to tell?

This is the legacy question. Don’t choose anything that will make you a liar for life.

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