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What you Celebrate gets Repeated

The best leaders know that culture isn’t formed in a moment but a series of moments. Consistently leading and making decisions from an intentional framework that runs consistently through out the organization. One of the best tools great leaders use to do this is stories. Stories move our hearts faster than speeches, emails, or edicts from on high because art is the quickest way to our hearts. That’s why when we want to build an outsider focused culture at Sun Valley we do it through celebrating life change…people’s lives who have changed as a result of saying yes to Jesus. Because what you celebrate gets repeated. Here is a series of videos we showed in the past couple of weeks to tell stories that both reflect and build our culture of life change at the same time. Check them out!




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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I’m excited to announce that Mike Wilson has won my latest give away of Rick Calcutt’s new book “The Blame Game.” Click here to check out my interview with Rick about his new book and get your own copy! It’s a great resource for building and improving the creative process at your church!

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The Blame Game

I recently caught up with Rick Calcutt to talk about his new book, “The Blame Game.” This book is a great resource for you if you’re trying to improve your weekend worship services, the creative process, or the relationship between your Pastor and Creatives.

It recently released on iBook, Amazon, and Nook! Click any of those links to get your hands on a copy and check out the interview below.

I’m giving away a free copy of “The Blame Game” to one of my readers! Just sign up here and I’ll let everyone know the winner next week!



Paul: Multiple times in this book you elude to what you call, “The Creative Process.” Doesn’t creativity just “happen” when you gather a group of creative individuals together? Can you actually plan for creativity?

Rick: “The Creative Process” is the system that a truly creative environment thrives on. It does so by normalizing, simplifying, and qualifying the creative workflow. This is essential because when the “day to day” and “week to week” tasks become creative habits, the creative team is allowed to focus more on their skill and passion. In the book I call those on the creative team (worship leader, video & audio techs, etc) Creatives. It is true that creativity happens naturally, but it is also a fact that you can plan for creativity. Creatives create, but a strong creative process gives structure and timeline that permits multiple Creatives, a creative team, to sync their creative schedules, efforts, and skills. The creative process found in “The Blame Game” equips the individual Creative and the creative team. It provides them adequate time for creation; clear schedules that remove confusion about deadlines; innovative possibilities that stimulate creative collaboration. Everyone’s happy. The Creatives get a great environment for creation. The Pastor, staff and church community receive impactful, inspiring, and clear worship experiences.

Paul: When most people hear churches talk about “Creative Arts” they automatically start thinking, “this is just a conversation for mega-churches.” But you assert that the principles in this book apply, “regardless of the size of your church”. How are the concepts in this book helpful to “normal” churches like the one I grew up in?

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In God We Trust

At Sun Valley Community Church we’re getting ready to begin a brand new teaching series in November called “In God We Trust.” The reality is we put our trust in all kinds of things. Many of us think education will fix our problems, others strive after financial security, some chase after the perfect relationship, while others even believe electing the right President will solve our problems. We’re all putting our trust in something. What are you trusting in? Hope to see you at one of our three Sun Valley Campuses (Casa Grande, Gilbert, or Tempe) as we begin this conversation the weekend of November 3-4. Check out this brand new video and feel free to share it with your friends!

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You’ve probably heard me say before that the quickest route to someone’s heart is through the arts. The scriptures teach us that God created mankind in his own image. In other words you and I serve a ridiculously creative and uniquely expressive God! The fact that we have been created in the image of this creative and art loving God both explains and reinforces the human love affair with artistic expression. This is why churches must wake up to the responsibility they have to leverage the arts in communicating most important message ever given to man kind. The Gospel. Art has the power to move us and communicate deep truths on a soulish level. Here’s a recent video that we did at Sun Valley Community Church to help people connect with The Gospel. My suggestion to you…is take it and use it at your church (for free).


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