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How Crucible Moments Accelerate your Leadership

The growth of your church has the potential to outpace the growth of your personal leadership. It has the potential to outpace your ability to develop leaders to keep pace with growth.

There are moments where growing churches take huge leaps forward. Another service option is added and the church grows. A new building is opened and the church grows. A new campus is launched and the church grows. New options are created for new people to engage with the Gospel and the church grows. Unfortunately most church leaders don’t grow at the same rate.

The good news is that there is something you can do to accelerate your leadership. Moments where your leadership can equally take huge leaps forward. It’s called a crucible moment. A crucible moment is a moment of severe trial that leads to the creation of something new.

It’s Good to be in Over your Head

Growth doesn’t happen when things are smooth and comfortable. Conflict, stress, and being in over your head forces you to figure new things out, learn new skills, and build new muscles. Instead of complaining about how difficult things are, rise to the occasion, learn from it, and grow.

Jump in with both Feet

If you really want to grow then stop allowing life to just happen to you and put yourself in a situation where you’re in over your head. Do it on purpose. Take a job that scares you. Accept a new project at work that will push you to figure new things out. Choose the crucible and it will remake you.

Learn the Truth about Yourself

Crucible moments not only create opportunities for growth but they reveal the truth about who you really are. Pressure has a way of holding up a mirror to us and showing us who we are. That definition of reality provides the opportunity for us to pivot to a new future. Growth.

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