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death by meeting

This past week on vacation I took advantage of some down time to catch up on some reading and even had the opportunity to go back through one of my favorite books about meetings. Yes…a book about meetings. No, I’m not crazy. I’ve had the tendency to despise meetings just as much as the next guy. I mean who wants to go to another meeting right? But Patrick Lencioni’s “Death by Meeting” has become one of my go to resources when it comes to meetings. Not only is it full of great concepts and ideas but; they’re accessible and applicable for real world work place solutions. Below is an overview of the four kinds of meetings that Patrick Lencioni creatively discusses in his book Death by Meeting.

Meeting Type: Daily Check-in
Time Required: 5 minutes
Purpose and Format: Share daily schedules and activities
Keys to Success: Don’t sit down. Keep it administrative. Don’t cancel even when some people can’t be there.

Meeting Type: Weekly Tactical
Time Required: 45-90 minutes
Purpose and Format: Review weekly activities and metrics, and resolve tactical obstacles and issues
Keys to Success: Don’t set agenda until after initial reporting. Postpone strategic discussions.

Meeting Type: Monthly Strategic
Time Required: 2-4 hours
Purpose and Format: Discuss, analyze, brainstorm, and decide upon critical issues affecting long-term success.
Keys to Success: Limit to one or two topics. Prepare and do research. Engage in good conflict.

Meeting Type: Quarterly Off-site
Time Required: 1-2 days
Purpose and Format: Review strategy, industry trends, competitive landscape, key personnel, team development
Keys to Success: Get out of office. Focus on work, limit social activities. Don’t over structure or overburden the schedule.

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