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Global Leadership Summit 2013: Dr. Henry Cloud

Leadership expert, clinical psychologist, and best selling author Dr. Henry Cloud spoke on “Reversing the Death Spiral of a Leader.” Check out his newest book Boundaries for Leaders.

  • Leaders take ownership, face the brutal facts, and deal with big problems.
  • The most difficult thing for a leader to be in charge of is himself/herself.
  • Some leaders get results and some don’t. Leaders who get results will eventually hit a point where they begin to spiral down…what happens next matters.
  • Leaders who get through spirals think, behave and feel differently than those who spiral out.
  • If you’ve got a choice between those who can and don’t think they can, and those who can’t and think they can…those who think they can will win every time.
  • The #1 factor of getting between here and there is believing that it can happen.
  • All leaders believe it can happen when they begin. But eventually circumstance arise and they realize that they’re out of control of their circumstances.
  • Learned helplessness: you were designed by God to be in a cause & effect universe A+B=C. When you are out of control of things that begin to affect you something happens…
  • The 3 P’s:
    • Personal: Why didn’t that work? I’m no good. I can’t do it. Every leader does stuff that doesn’t work in moving from here to there. The ones that don’t spiral don’t take it personal. When leaders take it personal and can’t have control of results, they spiral out of control.
    • Pervasive: it’s not just that one person, it’s everyone. My whole life sucks. Everything becomes bad.
    • Permanent: It’ll always be this way, it’s never going to change,
  • There’s a way out.
  • Science and the Bible always agree in a place called reality. If they’re not agreeing you’ve got wacky science or goofy Christians and there’s no shortage of either.
  • Reversing the 3 P’s:
    • #1 Log and dispute your negative thoughts
    • #2 Take back control by dealing with reality and make a list of what you can control and what you can’t control. Everyone has control of something.
      • Your life is a movie it’s not a scene and every great movie has crisis scenes in it
    • #3 You must connect
      • Your brain needs fuel: oxygen, glucose, & relationship
  • The answer to feeling bad is not feeling good it’s love
  • In the beginning we sinned, and felt bad and covered up, and started trying to do good, but it doesn’t make us feel better, love does
  • Find a way!

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