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Meet my New Coaching Network

I’m excited about my next Leadership Coaching Network beginning in a couple of weeks. These are the incredible people that I’ll be sharing life with over the next six months with links to their churches and Twitter or Facebook accounts so you can connect with them.

1. Mat Balagaard, Executive Pastor from Church of Celebration located in Maricopa, AZ

2. Caleb Campbell, Executive Pastor from Desert Springs Bible Church located in Phoenix, AZ

3. Ryan Delviken, Student Ministry Administrative Pastor from Sun Valley Community Church located in Gilbert, AZ

4. David Gantenbein, Student Ministry Pastor from Foothills Baptist Church located in Phoenix, AZ

5. Brett Humphrey, Children’s Ministry Pastor from Sun Valley Community Church located in Gilbert, AZ

6. Rick Millikin, Executive Pastor from Eastridge Church located in Clackamas, OR

7. Dan O’ Donnell, Lead Pastor from Sunrise Chapel of the East Valley located in Gilbert, AZ

Although this coaching network is closed, it’s not too early to apply for the next round. Here are the coaching network details including a link to the application.

In the mean time, say hello to my new friends, check out their church websites and connect with them on Twitter or Facebook!

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