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4 Roles a Senior Pastor Can’t Delegate

You want to lead a thriving church. But we know you’ve all experienced it:

Everyone needs something from the pastor. 

In some churches, the pastor is expected to do everything. In others, the organization has grown complex, and your role has followed suit. You know you have to take the lead in giving ministry away to others, but it’s not always clear which things.

Getting clarity about what you MUST own makes it simple to decide what to delegate.

4 Roles a Senior Pastor Can’t Delegate is a practical resource by Tony Morgan at the Unstuck Group designed to help you clearly define your essential duties and responsibilities. But it’s really more than an eBook: It’s a digital workbook to help you take your next steps in leadership. 

Download the eBook

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Reaching and Leading Millennials

When The Unstuck Group is helping churches with strategic planning, one of the most common concerns and priorities that churches identify is attracting Millennials and young families.

Truth is, Millennials get a bad rap. We hear leaders complain that they don’t follow through, they get bored too easily and are too self-absorbed. Beneath the specific complaints, however, we hear an honest frustration at the fact that what was working to reach this age group in the past isn’t working any longer. Millennials were born into a very different world, and it is essential that they learn to live out their faith differently than their parents’ generation. What worked to connect with 18 to 34-year-olds in the 2,000’s won’t be the same things that work to connect with the same age group in the next decade.

Reaching Millennials is not about building even better facilities, flashier stage designs and Disney-esque children’s programs. It’s about discovering what really matters to this generation, and presenting the truth of the Gospel in a way they can hear and understand.

As church leaders we can cover our eyes and ignore the fact that our churches are not connecting with the younger generations they desperately need to reach, or we can do something about it.

With this in mind, we at the Unstuck Group have an early Christmas gift for you — a new eBook comprised of practical chapters to help you think through some of the most important aspects of reaching and leading Millennials.

Follow this link to download this new eBook,
and get your copy for free by using coupon code “christmas15”

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“The One Thing” 2014 Ministry Report

I’m pleased to announce that The One Thing 2014 Ministry Report eBook has recently been released! Not just because I wrote a chapter on “Making Vision Real,” but because Darren Herbold took the time to mine out some great insights from some of the best church leaders on the scene today.

I’d like to encourage you to go download this free eBook here to learn from these incredible church leaders:

  1. Exploring New Paradigms for Effective Evangelism | Brent Dolfo | Consultant & Leadership Network Facilitator
  2. 15 Characteristics of Today’s Unchurched Person | Carey Nieuwhof | Lead Pastor Connexus Community Church
  3. Mobilizing Student Missionaries | Jason Ballard | Youth Alpha & Campusfire Conference
  4. Sermon Series Planning | Phil Bowdle | Communications Director West Ridge Church
  5. Execution: The Secret Sauce of Every High Functioning Leader | Darren Herbold | Sr Associate Pastor Beulah Alliance Church
  6. Making Vision Real | Paul Alexander (that’s me!)
  7. Why You Need to Rethink Your Small Group Ministry | Daniel Im | Community Life Team Lead at Beulah Alliance Church
  8. How to Engage a Healthy Staff | Ron Edmondson | Lead Pastor Immanuel Baptist Church & Blogger
  9. 7 Killer Mistakes Church Leaders Make Scott Williams | Chief Solutions Officer for NXT Level Solutions
  10. Wanted: A Killer Digital Strategy | Tim Nations | Director of Facilitation for Leadership Network
  11. Why Your Vision Does Not Stick | Tim Peters | Sayge Communications

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