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Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive

I recently finished reading The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Leniconi. It’s a quick, compact, and actionable read that I’d recommend to anyone who serves on a Sr. Management Team.

There is no way for me to share everything I underlined, highlighted and the personal notes I wrote in the margins. So I shared my top 15 favorite quotes and ideas from the book that stuck with me.

1. “An organization demonstrates that it is smart by developing intelligent strategies, marketing plans, product features, and financial models that lead to competitive advantage over its rivals. It demonstrates that it is healthy by eliminating politics and confusion, which leads to higher morale, lower turnover, and higher productivity.”

2. “No one but the head of an organization can make it healthy.”

3. “Culture lives in the way things get done.”

4. “Politics is the result of unresolved issues at the highest level of an organization.”

5. “…blindness occurs because what executives believe are small disconnects between themselves and their peers actually look like major rifts to people deeper in the organization.”

6. “Quite simply, cohesiveness at the executive level is the single greatest indicator of future success that any organization can achieve.”

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