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leadership and the lost art of humility

You’re probably familiar with the work of Jim Collins, researcher, speaker and author of the best selling book Good to Great. You’ll remember the 5-year research project exploring what turns a good company into a great one. You’ll also recall, much to all of our surprise, the findings that every good to great company had one thing in common. Every good to great company was led by what Collins labeled as a Level-5-Leader – that is, leadership marked by two characteristics: steely determination and an attitude of humility.

In this book Humilitas, A Lost Key to Life, Love, and Leadership author John Dickson gets laser focused on one of those two characteristics that seemingly set Level-5-Leaders apart from the pack, humility and its unique relationship to leadership. An area that frankly many “leadership experts” avoid.

This was a great read and one that I would highly recommend to any leader interested in personal growth and development. In fact below are some of my favorite quotes and ideas from the book that had an impact on me:

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are you avoiding reality?

You’ve heard it said before, “The number one job of leadership is to define reality.” Unfortunately we’ve seen over and over again in recent years both companies and one high profile personality after another end in ruin as a result of losing touch with reality. Somewhere along the way these companies and personalities start to believe their press clippings, stop listening to the right voices, and ultimately reality becomes lost in a haze.

So how do you know if you are dealing with the brutal facts of your current reality? You may not be dealing with the brutal facts if you:

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