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Catalyst One Day Session 4: Programming by Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley gave a talk in session 4 on “Creating a Culture Around and Through your Programming” that I know you’re going to find helpful. If you’re responsible for ministry environments (worship services, children’s ministry, small groups, student ministry, etc.) than this talk is pure gold for you!

  • If everyone doesn’t have the same picture of a win you end up with chaos and nobody ends up winning
  • Funny Andy Stanley moment: “If I could heal people at will to draw a crowd I would, but I can’t…so I have to hire a band”
  • Every single ministry program (worship service, student ministry, small groups, children’s ministry) is being evaluated, not formally, but by participants. Wouldn’t it make sense for you as a staff to go ahead and have a plan to be on the same page and evaluate it together?

3 Irreducible Minimums for an Irresistible Ministry Environment

1. An Appealing Setting

  • The physical environment
  • Settings create first impressions (What does it appear to be at first pass?)
  • An uncomfortable or distracting setting can derail ministry before it even begins
  • Every physical environment communicates something; there are no neutral physical environments
  • Design, décor, and attention to detail communicate what and who you value most
  • Design, décor, and attention to detail communicates whether or not your expecting guests
  • Periodically we all need fresh eyes on our ministry environments
  • Are your ministry settings appealing to your target audience?
  • Do the design, décor, and attention to detail in your environments reflect who is most important to you?
  • What’s starting to look tired?

2. An Engaging Presentation

  • Engaging presentations are essential to the success of our mission
    • Presenting the Gospel
    • Teaching them to “obey everything I’ve commanded you”
  • To engage is to secure one’s attention
  • Generally speaking it’s the presentation that makes information interesting
  • An audience’s attention span is determined by the quality of the presentation
  • Engaging presentations require engaging presenters
  • Always sacrifice the one for the many not the many for the one

3. Helpful Content

  • Helpful = useful
  • It’s not enough for it to be true. It has to be helpful
  • Helpful content is content that addresses helping people think and act differently
  • Information that doesn’t address a felt need is perceived as irrelevant
  • Is your content helpful?
  • Do you content creators know the goal of content is to help people think and act differently?
  • Is your content age and stage of life specific?

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