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Global Leadership Summit 2013: Dr. Henry Cloud

Leadership expert, clinical psychologist, and best selling author Dr. Henry Cloud spoke on “Reversing the Death Spiral of a Leader.” Check out his newest book Boundaries for Leaders.

  • Leaders take ownership, face the brutal facts, and deal with big problems.
  • The most difficult thing for a leader to be in charge of is himself/herself.
  • Some leaders get results and some don’t. Leaders who get results will eventually hit a point where they begin to spiral down…what happens next matters.
  • Leaders who get through spirals think, behave and feel differently than those who spiral out.
  • If you’ve got a choice between those who can and don’t think they can, and those who can’t and think they can…those who think they can will win every time.
  • The #1 factor of getting between here and there is believing that it can happen.
  • All leaders believe it can happen when they begin. But eventually circumstance arise and they realize that they’re out of control of their circumstances.
  • Learned helplessness: you were designed by God to be in a cause & effect universe A+B=C. When you are out of control of things that begin to affect you something happens…
  • The 3 P’s:
    • Personal: Why didn’t that work? I’m no good. I can’t do it. Every leader does stuff that doesn’t work in moving from here to there. The ones that don’t spiral don’t take it personal. When leaders take it personal and can’t have control of results, they spiral out of control.
    • Pervasive: it’s not just that one person, it’s everyone. My whole life sucks. Everything becomes bad.
    • Permanent: It’ll always be this way, it’s never going to change,
  • There’s a way out.
  • Science and the Bible always agree in a place called reality. If they’re not agreeing you’ve got wacky science or goofy Christians and there’s no shortage of either.
  • Reversing the 3 P’s:
    • #1 Log and dispute your negative thoughts
    • #2 Take back control by dealing with reality and make a list of what you can control and what you can’t control. Everyone has control of something.
      • Your life is a movie it’s not a scene and every great movie has crisis scenes in it
    • #3 You must connect
      • Your brain needs fuel: oxygen, glucose, & relationship
  • The answer to feeling bad is not feeling good it’s love
  • In the beginning we sinned, and felt bad and covered up, and started trying to do good, but it doesn’t make us feel better, love does
  • Find a way!

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2013 Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

I’m pleased to announce that Sun Valley Community Church is partnering with Central Christian Church to bring the 2013 Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit to the Phoenix East Valley this year! The Summit event is telecast LIVE from Willow’s campus near Chicago every August and will be experienced in more than 300+ cities in 90 countries and translated into 42 languages.

Dates & Times: Thursday, August 8 – Friday, August 9 from 8:30am – 4:30pm each day
Location: CentralAZ Mesa Campus | 933 N. Lindsay Road Road | Mesa, AZ 85213
Cost: Register for Early Bird Pricing on or before 6/25 and receive the following pricing: WCA Member Group Rate (15+ people) = $159 | WCA Member Rate (1-14 people) = $199 | Individual Rate = $249 | Student/Faculty Rate = $79
Registration: To register you and your team, and for more information follow this link.

The Summit has put together an incredible faculty this year which includes: Bill Hybels, Founder & Sr. Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church | General Colin Powell, Former U.S. Secretary of State | Dr. Brene Brown, Research Professor University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work | Mark Burnett, Four-time Emmy Award Winner; Executive Television Producer | Vijay Govindarajan, Top 50 Management Thinker | Patrick Lencioni, Founder & President of The Table Group and Best Selling Author | Lize Wiseman, Executive Strategy and Leadership Consultant | Oscar Muriu, Senior Pastor of Nairobi Chapel, Kenya | Dr. Henry Cloud, Clinical Psychologist, Leadership Consultant, Best-selling Author | Chris Brown, Co-Senior Pastor and Teaching Pastor at North Coast Church | Joseph Grenny, Co-Founder, VitalSmarts and Best Selling Author | Bob Goff, Founder and CEO of Restore International and Attorney | Andy Stanley, Founder and Sr. Pastor of North Point Ministries

Bonus FREE Stuff!

As a bonus I’m giving away 3 tickets to this years Summit! Here are the conditions: 1) Your Church or Group must be new to the Phoenix East Valley Summit Location 2) It’s limited to one ticket per group (so if everyone’s counting correctly that’s three new groups) and 3) Contact me using my contact form on my blog. It’s that simple!

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Chick-fil-A Leadercast 2013

If you missed the 2013 Chick-fil-A Leadercast, then you missed some great content, great speakers, and incredible ideas that have the potential to shift your thinking when it comes to leadership. But no worries! Now you’ve got all the notes to every session right here at your fingertips for free! Hope you enjoy!

1. Leadership Made Simple

Andy Stanley, Author and Lead Pastor at North Point Community Church walked through the fact that growth creates complexity which requires simplicity and taught 3 key questions that need to be answered to simplify leadership.

2. The Power of Focus

David Allen was named Forbes’ Top 5 Executive Coach and author of “Getting Things Done.” Crisis evokes focus on a very specific outcome which charts your course of action.

3. Necessary Endings

Dr. Henry Cloud, best selling author and leadership consultant tackles the psychology behind the work we do and what keeps us from simplifying things in the workplace.

4. The Difference between Simple and Simplistic

John Maxwell, best selling author and leadership expert walks through the differences between being simple and simplistic.

5. Getting High Performing Leaders to Work Together

Duke University and Olympic Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski talked about getting high performers to work together on a team to get great results.

6. An Interview with Leadership Giant Jack Welch

Any time you get to learn first hand from a leader like Jack Welch it’s gold…and this interview was no exception. Here are some of my notes from  Fortune Magazine’s Manager of the Century, Jack Welch.

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Chick-fil-A Leadercast: Henry Cloud

I love the way Dr. Henry Cloud tackles the psychology behind the work we do. Want to learn more? Check out my post on his book Necessary Endings and the notes below:

  • The real work is not to get the right strategy but getting the people to work the strategy
  • Boundary #1: Necessary endings – when the leader realizes that the worst thing they can have is hope. Great leaders master the art of pruning:
    • A rosebush produces more buds than it can sustain so only the best ones are kept. There are 3 kinds of pruning that need to take place:
    • Good Stuff: What’s good but not best? Activity doesn’t equal movement or progress. Sometimes more activity is just more activity and it just leads to more complexity and simplicity is what is needed. The life and future of a company is in about 20% of the company. Feed the future.
    • Sick Stuff: What’s sick and not going to get well? Stuff that’s season has passed. Sometimes leaders get so invested in something (ego, time and energy, etc.) and the season passes and it’s time to pull the plug on it. Pruning takes courage.
    • Dead Stuff: What’s dead and taking up space? People hold on too long (even when it’s not best for the future) because they feel like they need to be the source to everything or they have emotional attachment to the past. You can’t grasp the future while holding onto the past.
  • Boundary #2: Focused Attention – great leaders lead people in ways that the people’s brains can actually follow them…they create focused attention so people’s brains can work.
    • Attend to what is relevant so you know what to do:
    • Inhibit everything else:
    • Create a working memory (keep it in front of them all the time):
  • If everything is important nothing is
  • Do you have enough desire for your goals to exercise the discipline it takes reach them?

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necessary endings

New is exciting! Whether it’s a new relationship, a new job, a new purchase, or even a new project at work. And when new things begin they usually start off with all kinds of passion, energy, excitement, and great anticipation for what’s about to happen. The same is rarely said for endings in life. Yet endings are just as normal and a natural a part of life as beginnings. Unfortunately little is written about handling the endings in our lives well.

That is why I’m excited about a recent book I read by Dr. Henry Cloud entitled “Necessary Endings.” In it he does a masterful job of leading us through how to handle endings in our lives well. In fact he goes so far as to assert that in order for us to move forward in life there are, “employees, businesses, and relationships that all of us have to give up in order to move forward.” It’s definitely worth the read and will challenge you to grow and think differently about your work, your relationships, and what it means to move forward in life.

Here are some of my favorite quotes and thoughts from the book that had an impact on me:

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