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recruiting and hiring teams that make vision real

Here’s what I know about you. You’re a leader…or you wouldn’t be reading this. And if you are a leader then chances are you’re chasing after something that’s bigger than you can do alone. Which means at some point you’re going to have to recruit and hire a team. This series of posts was designed for you. To help you think through the right steps and principles to guide you along the road to building a great team that makes the vision God has given you become real.

So I hope you enjoyed this recent series of blog posts “Recruiting and Hiring Teams that Make Vision Real.” Here’s a summary of the series:

Part 1: Why Hires go Wrong

Part 2: What a Hire gone Wrong will Cost You

Part 3: 4 Steps to Making the Right Hire

Part 4: 6 Principles of Building a Staffing Strategy

If you need help building a staffing strategy at your church I’d love to talk with you about it!

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recruiting & hiring teams that make vision real part-3 4 steps to making the right hire

Success is rarely stumbled upon, and great teams don’t just happen. They’re intentionally built with a keen understanding of where you are going, and not just what, but whom it’s going to take to get you there. That’s where making the right hire comes into play. The problem is that churches are notorious for making the wrong hire, and the usual culprit is a lack of any semblance of a hiring process. Click here for more on “Why Hires go Wrong.” Fortunately there are 4 real steps you can take to make the right hires…


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recruiting & hiring teams that make vision real part-1 why hires go wrong

Spiritual Leaders know where God wants them to go, and they have the ability to persuade other people to go with them. If God has given you a picture of where He wants you to lead, then chances are it’s bigger than what you can handle alone. It’s going to involve other people, it’s going to involve building teams. At some point it’s going to involve recruiting and hiring Staff Members. When a hire goes right it fosters synergy, movement, and momentum. But when a hire goes wrong there are setbacks, losses, and ultimately the mission suffers. Below are the 2 most common mistakes made by churches, which lead them to making the wrong hires.

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