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depraved indifference

I don’t normally post midweek…or post very many videos for that matter, and this may break all of the “blogging rules.” But after seeing this today, it wrecked me…and I was compelled to share it with you, so this is just a quick rant that I had to get off my chest. After recently reading books like Crazy Love, by Francis Chan and Radical, by David Platt. After leading hundreds of people on mission trips, all over the world. After seeing the faces of the least of these in places like Indonesia, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Kenya, South Africa, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and Mexico…not to mention my neighborhood. After hearing the Words of Christ. I feel completely overwhelmed by the daunting task of leading a suburban mega-church to missionally live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In a culture that craves comfort, that lusts after self-indulgence, that seems to have been inoculated to the Gospel through commonplace familiarity. I’m haunted by the fact that the hands and feet of Jesus Christ are preoccupied with themselves. And I desperately long to see the day when the high potential sleeping giant, called the Church of America wakes up, rises up, and takes her place among those who have laid their lives down for the sake of the Gospel. For the least of these.

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