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the ultimate discipline checklist

One of the most difficult challenges and hotly contested issues when it comes to parenting is discipline. I mean people get radically passionate when it comes to their favorite method of discipline. And I get being passionate about your kids, trust me, I’m drop dead crazy about the three God has entrusted to me. But I’ve got to be honest and admit that it’s almost comical how people turn into zealots when this topic comes up, especially in “Church-World.” In my opinion effective discipline is just not as complicated as we’ve made it. Effective discipline has far more to do with consistency, follow through, and planning than anything else. Do the actual methods, style, and attitude matter? Sure they do. But not nearly as much as consistency, follow through, and planning. Without turning this into a 5 part post or a book to prove my point, let me just share one small quote here with you.

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