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Are You a “Big L” Leader?

People don’t just become “Big L Leaders” overnight. It’s not something that can be learned by reading books or by going to conferences. They learn to lead by leading. Want to know if you’re on your way to becoming a “Big L Leader”? The following six characteristics will help you in identifying “Big L Leaders.”

#1 They Have a Proven Track Record

They’re not a novice. They’ve built something and have demonstrated the ability to deliver.

#2 They are Driven

They have a forward lean and a bias towards action.

#3 They can Lead Through Conflict

They have the internal fortitude to endure the personal attacks and pain that comes with conflict. They lead through it by bringing clarity to the chaos.

#4 They don’t Delegate Tasks they Empower Leaders

Delegation is telling people what to do every step of the way and then having them report back after every step. Empowerment gives people both the position and authority to choose their course while remaining responsible for outcomes.

#5 They Lead through Vision

They can rally people around a vision and build a culture.

#6 They Embody Organizational Values

They lead with moral authority and make decisions through the filter of the values of the organization.

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