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Does Video Teaching Really Work in a Multisite Church?

According to research provided by Leadership Network about 50% of the approximately 8,000 multisite churches out there are delivering preaching in their weekend worship services via video. Even though 8,000 churches are doing it successfully I’m still frequently asked if video teaching really works. So here are a couple of thoughts that may help:

#1 I never watched Jesus preach His best Sermon live

I never saw Jesus preach His best sermon (the sermon on the mount) live, but it’s changed my life. It was written down for us to read because that was the medium that was available at that time in history. My guess is if iPhones existed at that time someone would have recorded that incredible sermon and posted it on YouTube for all of us to see and hear first hand.

#2 Everyone is against it in principle until they experience it

Most people are against the idea of video teaching until they personally experience it. I’ve seen firsthand people quickly forget that they’re watching video preaching and begin to interact with video by laughing, nodding their heads, raising their hands when asked to by the pastor, and even stand up and walk to a volunteer to say yes to following Jesus. All through video teaching.

#3 The Early Church had Multisite tendencies

While the Apostle Paul was busy going around planting new churches and developing young leaders to care for and lead those new churches, those same churches were busy listening to Paul’s teaching. Not live mind you, but rather they would pass around his letters from church to church to read out loud for the church to hear.

#4 It’s a Proven Model

The truth is video teaching is working. The fact that more than 8,000 multisite churches are delivering teaching via video demonstrates that it’s a proven model. In fact at the church I serve at we even have a traditional campus that is video. It’s a full on traditional service with a choir stained glass windows and an average age demographic of 70. And it’s working.

Interested in learning more? Check out this article I wrote earlier this year: “Video Teaching Versus Live Teaching in a Multisite Church”

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