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3 Things that will Prevent you from Being a Learner

The most likely cause that you’ll hit a lid in your leadership growth will be self-imposed. It’s possible that you can be the lid to your own growth. Every good leader knows that if you want to be a leader you have to be a learner. But you can’t be a learner if you:

1. You Can’t be a Learner if you Miss Opportunities

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. You can’t be a learner if you don’t try. Experience can be your best teacher if you’ll choose to learn from it. But without attempting new things and putting yourself in a position to learn you never will.

2. You Can’t be a Learner if you Refuse to Listen

Every great learner is a great listener. Learners ask for feedback and then they listen. Anyone who refuses to listen to feedback is doomed to fail and will prevent themselves from being a learner.

3. You Can’t be a Learner if you don’t Evaluate

If you don’t learn to conduct an autopsy without blame, you’ll prevent yourself from being a learner. What do you need to continue, change, clarify or create? What do you need to preserve and what do you need to pivot away from? Learners are constantly evaluating and improving.

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