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less clutter less noise

If you work in a local church, then chances are you spend the majority of your time trying to effectively communicate the most life-changing message that the world has ever known. But have you ever stopped and wondered why people aren’t getting that message?

In church-world we most often excuse such things away by complaining about how we don’t have the financial resources that the big church down the street does. As a result there’s no way we can keep pace with their level of excellence, their billboards, mailers, websites, brochures, videos, promotional campaigns, and gobs of print media that they seemingly pump out every week.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a church staff member who would turn their nose up at the idea of having more resources to do their job. But, what if I told you that money won’t solve your communication problems? What I told you that there are real practical solutions and proven strategies that you can learn and implement that will cut through the clutter and crystallize your message?

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