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training with larry osborne part-2 “why some teams win and most lose”

Yesterday I mentioned that we recently had Larry Osborne come in and spend some time with the Sun Valley Staff. In doing so we intentionally broke the time up into three focuses: time with our Executive team, time with our Elders, and time with our Staff from all 3 campuses. Below is Part-2 of some thoughts and take aways from our time together. Click here if you missed Part-1.

Why Some Teams Win and Most Lose

1. Winning Teams have Winning Players while Losing Teams have Good Players

  • The Top 2 Determining factors of people who look like they’re going to succeed but actually fail:
    • #1 Poor Relationships Skills (they don’t play well in the sandbox with others)
    • #2 Inability to adapt (they could not handle midcourse correction and change)
  • Top 2 Determining factors of successful people:
    • #1 The ability to adapt (experts at midcourse corrections)
    • #2 Strong Relationship Skills

2. Winning Teams Guard the Gate while Losing Teams let Anyone In

  • Never ignore a lack of character because of an abundance of giftedness
  • Never ignore a lack of people skills due to an abundance of bible skills
  • It is not loving to kill the flock while you’re trying to be nice to one lamb
  • Be careful of people of Christian “watch dogs”

3. Winning Teams make Unity a Priority while Losing Teams Treat it as an Afterthought

  • Winning teams deliberately work on chemistry, they don’t take it for granted or assume it will happen
  • Create fun in your team

4. Wining Teams Focus on their Mission while Losing Teams Focus on their Successes

  • Mission Creep = You started with one mission and you are slowly seduced to chase after other missions because some sub-ministries become successful.
  • When it comes to stopping ministries don’t just kill them, you go to jail for killing people. Starve them and let them die a natural death. There is an art to this.

5. Winning Teams Focus on Empowerment while Losing Teams Focus on Tenure

  • Winning teams always have a farms system
  • Losing teams chase excellence (perfectionism)
  • Don’t ask who’s the best, ask who will be the best
  • When tenure rules there’s never room for the young
  • The Freshmen Always get Smaller Principle

6. Winning Teams Adapt for the Future while Losing Teams Long for the Past

  • The good old days aren’t as good as they used to be
  • What worked in the good old days won’t work in the current reality
  • Winning teams embrace the present and pursue the future

7. Winning Teams have a Heart for the Little Guy while Losing Teams Expect Everyone to be a Leader

  • Discipling people is not about making them leaders its about making followers of Jesus
  • When you lose your hear for the little people you begin to use people
  • Jesus didn’t hang around pagans, he hung around “consumer back of the line Christians”

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