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what every team wants from their leader

Do you know what your team wants from you? Do you know what they need from you? In this 4-part series of articles below we’ll unpack the concepts and principles behind what every team is looking for from their leader. Want to be successful as a leader, then give your team what they’re asking for.

Part 1 1.0 Leadership vs. 2.0 Leadership

Peter Drucker once said that, “The leader of the past was a person who knew how to tell. The leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask.” While there is a time and a place for an autocratic style of leadership, a younger generation entering the workforce is longing for more than just direction and dictatorship from their employer. This new generation entering the workplace is demanding 2.0 Leadership.

Part 2 Building a Culture

“I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game—it is the game.” Lou Gerstner, former President & CEO of IBM. If it’s true that the culture of the church over time reflects the personality of the Senior Leader, than focusing on that first level of cultural transference from yourself to your Staff must be intentional and strategic.

Part 3 What is my Team asking of Me?

Through my experience of being on both sides of the desk, hiring, exiting, and leading a staff; there are 5 simple yet at the same time monumental questions that have continued to come up that are placed squarely on the shoulders of leadership to answer for the team.

Part 4 How to Train-Wreck your Team

Generally speaking people want to do a good job. Particularly when it comes to church world, your staff has submitted not only their soul to the Lord but their career as well. They are literally spending their lives for the sake of the Gospel. But your Staff is guaranteed to fail if as the Senior Leader you don’t provide them with the following…

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“Building a Culture” What every Staff member wants from their senior leader Part – 2

While building the culture of the Church ultimately begins in the heart of God infused into the Senior Leader, it is quickly transferred into the Staff, and ultimately replicated into the Local Body that you find yourself leading. The culture that you end up building, whether intentional or not it is never neutral. It either supports what you want to do or it interferes with and undermines it. You can do your best to attempt to ignore culture, but you cannot choose not to have one. It is a powerful force, which when properly harnessed, can help you to become the kind of Church God has dreamed about in eternity past. The culture of your church becomes reinforced and further ingrained into the DNA of the Staff and the people each and every day you stay at your church and is expressed through:

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