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Why we killed our church bulletin

No one will ever confuse me with an avid magazine reader…in fact I’m not sure if I’ve ever met one of those before. The only magazines you’ll catch me reading are Bass Pro Shops or Gator Country and perhaps the occasional issue of ESPN or Sports Illustrated. All of that changed about year ago. A little before that moment our Creative Arts Team started a conversation about doing away with our weekly bulletin in order to refocus their time and resources towards producing a magazine that would take it’s place. At first it seemed a bit fantastical. I mean how many local churches are producing a magazine that is worth reading? But the designers and entire Creative Arts Team believed deeply in this endeavor. So after a few presentations and winning the hearts of the decision makers, (it doesn’t hurt when the organization has a built in culture of risk) we were all in. Below are some of the nuts and bolts that it takes to make this happen and some of the major wins that we’ve experienced.

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