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Why 20 Large Churches went, didn’t go, and still might go Multisite

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit in a room full of over 20 Executive Pastors. These incredible men serve at various large churches across America ranging in size from 750 to over 6,000 in weekend attendance. Of the many issues and subjects that were tackled through out the week, one that we ended up drilling down on for considerable time was the Multisite Church movement that’s grown legs over the last decade. What made the conversation so complex and layered was that the room was full of men who represented churches that took the multisite plunge years ago and had multiple campuses in operation, while some had just launched their second campus, others had made the decision to go multisite but had not pulled the trigger as of yet, while still others had not seriously considered the option. It was that dynamic that made for some incredible push towards sharpening, affirmation, and learning. So the list below is for you. It’s comprised of the top 6 reasons (in no particular order) that these churches decided to go Multisite. My hope is that this will give you a peek into a great conversation and allow you the opportunity to go to school on others.

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