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Global Leadership Summit 2013: Patrick Lencioni

As always Patrick Lencioni delivered! He is consistently one of my favorite speakers on leadership. This year he spoke on ‘How to Lose Your Best People.” You can follow this link to get a copy of  “The Three Signs of a Miserable Job,” his book that this talk was based on.

  • Leaders are CRO’s Chief Reminder Officer.
  • People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.
  • Studies show that people don’t leave their job based on what kind of job it is. It’s not about a good job or a bad job.
  • People leave their jobs because they’re miserable.
  • 3 things that cause job misery
    • #1 Anonymity: the people that we worked for didn’t know us and didn’t have an interest in getting to know us. People hate their jobs when their bosses don’t know anything about them…because they don’t feel like anyone cares about them. It’s your job as a leader to get to know your people and care about your people. Nobody wants to be anonymous. Good people don’t leave jobs where they’re known. Really good people want to work at a place where they’re known.
      • Sometimes we don’t do it because we’re busy
      • Sometimes we don’t do it because we’re embarrassed (because we haven’t done it before)
      • If you aren’t interested in people that’s fine, just get a job as an individual contributor you shouldn’t be managing or leading people.
      • If you’re in a job where you’re not getting this from your boss, give it to them, lead up, they’re probably not getting it from their boss.
  • #2 Irrelevance: If you don’t think that your job matters to someone you cannot love your work. You’ve got to remind them because they forget. If their job truly doesn’t matter then reorganize the job.
  • #3 Immeasurement: Everyone wants to be able to assess if they’re doing a good job. If they don’t know if they’re doing a good job they’ll eventually leave. There’s a higher job satisfaction among sales people because they know if they’re winning. People want to know if they’re winning:
    • When we give others the ability to measure their performance we lose the power/control
  • Money is a satisfier these 3 things are motivators

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