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Multisite Tools of the Trade

I work with two mobile teams. The church I serve at, Sun Valley Community Church, is a multisite church with staff that are distanced by up to 45 minutes. The consulting firm I’m a part of, The Unstuck Group, has consultants literally all over the country. Both of these organizations have high performing teams and produce great results. But in order to do that with mobile teams you need great mobile solutions. I know the market has become flooded with mobile solutions but here are 9 that I’ve used that really work. What experience do you have with mobile solutions? What would you add to the list? Leave a comment!

1. Zoom

When it comes to video meetings (and I do a bunch of them) I love Zoom. You can have multiple users in multiple locations on one call and whoever is speaking is “zoomed” in on. You can record videos to share with people who missed the meeting. It integrates both online meeting and group messaging. And there is a free version. Oh, and please don’t ever use Skype again…Zoom kills Skype.

2. Cam Scanner

CamScanner turns your smartphone into a scanner! You can easily send document scans to team members via email or the cloud and say goodbye to running between your desk and the printer. Allow team members to share comments, turns pics into .pdf’s. If you do work on charts or whiteboards, you’re probably going to want to download this app.

3. Trip It

If you do any traveling then TripIt is for you! I love this app! TripIt automatically creates a master itinerary for every trip for instant access to all your travel plans—anytime, on any device. In other words my flight, car rental, hotel are all in one place and it’s fully integrated with Google Maps. Love it!

4. Develop.me

A free human resources tool that helps your church promote a staff-wide culture of growth through goal-setting and performance reviews. 100% web based and supervisors and team members can make comments and stay on the same page regarding goals, job performance, and reviews.

5. Periscope

I actually did a post the other day about 10 Ways Your Church can Leverage Periscope so I won’t rehash that here, but I will encourage you to click the link. I think there are some intriguing ways to stay connected to team members in a mobile setting through Periscope. It’s worth checking out.

6. Planning Center

An industry standard go to tool for worship service planning. Schedule volunteers, manage music, and schedule worship services. Share music with band members, put rehearsal files online, add songs, media and other items to your services so your whole team is in the know. Track timing before and during your services, and get organized.

7. Expensify

Stop filling out expense reports and trying to find those receipts you lost to turn in, and simplify your expense reporting. Streamline the way your employees report expenses, the way expenses are approved, and the way you export that information to your accounting package. Quickly add cash expenses, automatically import all card transactions. Capture mileage, time, and other reimbursable/billable expenses. Code expenses to GL accounts, clients/projects, and custom fields.

8. Asana

Get out of email and into Asana. A great project management tool that puts communications and tasks all in one place instead of spread out over email and various notes. A great dashboard feature, easy team organization, and it’s even broken down into check lists with due dates and reminders!

9. Slack

Get rid of email and group texting and start using this messaging app for teams. Organize by projects, teams, campuses, or anything you’d like. Sharing files is easy as it integrates with apps like Google Drive and Dropbox. Oh, and it integrates with just about everything (including social media) so all your notifications come to one place. And it’s searchable. Smile.

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10 Ways Your Church Can Leverage Periscope

Ever since my wife and I went to the U2 show in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago and saw Periscope used on screen during the concert I’ve been experimenting a little bit with this new social media tool. Surprisingly I’ve found that there are some great applications for the local church.

1. Put your Staff Culture on Display

Do a quick scope of a Staff Meeting, Strategy Session, Teaching Team meeting, or walk around the church office and interview various team members about why they love working at the church.

2. Celebrate Volunteerism

Everybody knows that what you celebrate gets repeated. So why not do a quick scope each week of the “Volunteer of the Week?” Show them live in action and do a quick interview about the ministry they volunteer with and what they love about volunteering at your church.

3. Offer a Sneak Peak into a Small Group

Sometimes joining a Small Group can be a big step, even intimidating. Do a quick scope of a group live in action in someone’s home. Take the intimidation factor away by allowing people to see what’s it’s like before they go.

4. Communicate with Leaders

You can do a private scope and include the leaders you want to in the conversation. This is way better than a group text (I hate group texting)! Bonus: it stays up & available for 24 hours for those who missed it!

5. Humanize your Church Staff

Interview your Church Staff about them and their story. Not about leadership, not about the church, but their story.

6. Preview the Weekend Worship Services

Show a bit of the weekend rehearsal so people know what to expect, what they’re inviting their friends to, and why they don’t want to miss out.

7. Devotion

The church I serve at does a daily written devotion on our church app. But a church could just as easily do a scope of a daily devotional thought that’s available for 24 hours for everyone to check out.

8. Introduce People to the Church Facility

Give people a quick tour of the campus so guests know what to expect before they come. Where should they park, where should they check in their kids, how do they navigate the facility for the first time?

9. Promotion

You can use a quick scope to promote what’s going on at the church that week. It’s a quick, easy, culturally relevant way for people to opt in to communication and not get spam in their email inbox.

10. Have Fun!

Show the crazy antics that happen backstage with the band during the service, or the office pranks that happen in the workplace, or just the fun stuff you do as a staff team together. If you don’t have fun together as a team…well…this can be an excuse to start having some fun together! People want to be a part of something that’s fun!

There are probably more applications for churches to use Periscope than this, but this is what came to mind. What else would you add to the list? Leave a comment!

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Work Hard Give Your Best & Put Family First

How do I balance family and ministry? It’s a conversation I’ve had over and over again as a church staff member. I’ve heard church staff express deep frustration and anxiety over this question. They want to give their best to their ministry calling and yet sometimes feel like they’re sacrificing their family to follow Jesus. But then again doesn’t following Jesus mean you take care of and lead your family well? When you’re on staff at a church it means working weekends and often times being gone multiple nights of the week at meetings when church members are available. Further, many church staff members feel like they’re on call 24/7 to meet the needs of church attenders. You can see how ministry staff members can quickly feel tension over the whole balancing work and family, especially young church staff members who are just starting out and trying to figure it out.

At Sun Valley Community Church (the church I have the privilege of serving at) we’ve defined our leadership culture with 7 clear distinctives. If you’re interested in learning more about them you can follow this link. One of them states:

Effort: We work hard; give our best and put family first.

Recently I used Periscope (I’m learning to use this new social networking tool) to share a leadership tool we use to train this concept and explained it a little more. In fact you can follow this link on your mobile device to watch it. Or you can check out a few of the highlights below:

  1. God is not opposed to effort, but He is opposed to earning. God is into results and effort…it’s all throughout the bible. He’s just not into earning.
  2. You don’t have to die for the Church; Jesus already did that. The Church doesn’t need another Savior we already have one. He’s doing just fine by the way.
  3. All Work and no Rest Leads to Burnout You’ve got to figure out a way to refuel daily, weekly, monthly and annually.
  4. Productivity = Working Hard + Resting Well It’s not work vs home. It’s not either or. You can’t have great results at work and poor results at home or visa versa for very long. Home affects work and work affects home.
  5. Rest FOR Work not Rest FROM Work. In John 15 Jesus talks about abiding in Him…resting in Him so that we will produce fruit.
  6. Laziness is Dangerous! When you retreat from meaningful work and meaningful relationships it will lead you to a dangerous place.
  7. Take Personal Responsibility! No one is responsible for your schedule but you. Don’t play the role of a victim when it comes to your schedule.

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