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Why Every Church & Organization Develops a Personality Over Time

Every church or organization develops a personality over time and it’s usually the personality of the Leader or the Sr. Leadership Team. That’s why it’s commonly said that if you’re the leader and you’ve been there more than 3 years and you don’t like something about the church or organization you’re leading all you have to do is look in the mirror to find the right person to blame. Every organization develops a personality over time and here are 3 reasons why:

1. Every Organization is led by a Person

Ultimately someone is in charge. And that someone makes decisions through a particular filter, that person has certain things that are important to them, and that person has a particular personality. If that person is a risk taker, the organization is going to take on a more risk taking culture. If that person is generous, the organization is going to develop a more generous culture. While people may develop and sharpen leadership skills they lead out of who they are.

2. Every Organization is made up of People

Structures, systems, and procedures aren’t the organization. A product is not the organization. People are the organization. People not only make the product or provide the service, but they make everything work in the organization.

3. Every Organization is for People

The fundamental reason that every organization on the planet exists is for people. The products and services that organizations provide are ultimately made to help people.

At the end of the day organizations are all about people, so it’s no surprise that every organization takes on a personality of it’s own.

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Overcoming the Fear of a Personality Driven Ministry

In church-world I frequently hear conversations surrounding the idea of “personality driven churches.” That is to say churches that are built around a dynamic communicator and leader. At best I’ll usually hear a criticism of its ineffectiveness and at worst statements about how shallow, wrong, and harmful it is to the church and the advancement of the Gospel.

But how do we get past the fact that Jesus was a huge personality…and a celebrity at that. Everywhere the Man went crowds of people followed Him and clamored for Him to heal them. Talk about a guy who had a hard time getting personal space and time. It could be easily argued that Jesus’s ministry was completely personality driven. In fact it wasn’t until he was killed that the rest of the guys stepped up into the void and really started leading (more personalities).

The New Testament teaches us that not everyone in the body has the same gifting or even the same level or measure of gifting. Instead it teaches us that we are a body and we all have a unique part to play.

4 Questions to ask about Personality Driven Ministry:

1. Could it be that the problem isn’t the dynamic personality isn’t playing their part in the body, but instead the rest of the people around them aren’t playing theirs?

2. If you’ve got the big personality in your local body, what if you just let them be who they are gifted to be?

3. What if you leveraged their gift while you’ve got it available in order to maximize the spread of the Gospel?

4. Could it be that you’ve neglected to put the correct structures and systems in place around the big personality to support and sustain the ministry impact of that person’s gifting?

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