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is the church for christians?

Churches all across America are stuck. In a large majority of these churches people come every week to the worship services and faithfully attend bible studies. They love being with each other, they know one another’s names and they have a good general working knowledge of the Scriptures. But they’re stuck. They’ve plateaued or they’re declining. Their best days are behind them and they consistently talk about the “good ‘ol days” and a high water mark that happened some years ago. It was an incredible moment and they should remember it, they should talk about it. After all it was a great moment. But today they’re stuck.

It’s not because they’re not faithful in their church attendance or commitment to the Scriptures. But because they have adopted an unbiblical view of what Church is all about.

What if I told you that the church was never intended to be a box that we sit in, but a movement we’re a part of? That, as a Christ Follower you can’t come to church, because you are the Church. What if I went as far as to say that the Church isn’t for Christians? Got your attention yet? The Church simply doesn’t exist FOR Christians. Because the Church IS Christians, and we don’t exist for ourselves; we exist to be on mission with God. And God’s mission is all about His people taking on the posture of a servant and thinking about others before they think of themselves.

Could it be that the reason that many Churches are stuck today, is because they’ve been sold a lie that says Church is for Christians? That’s absolute opposite direction of what God has called His people to.

Click here to check out the talk I gave at Sun Valley Community Church this past weekend where I unpack this idea even further.

So what do you think? Is the Church for Christians?

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