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Leadership Summit 2016: Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shared her incredible story and journey of generosity.

  • She is a self described “Impatient Optimist” –  Things are getting better, statistics bare that out but we can do better and we have the capacity to do better
  • “In business you have data all the time from your customers, in the non-profit world, it is amazing how many decisions are being made without real data!”
  • “One person can change the world and make a difference in another persons life”
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private foundation in the world with more than 1,400 employees
  • She met Bill at Microsoft but left the company because she felt that they couldn’t have a great family and both have hard-charging careers.
  • She has tried to give her kids a “normal” upbringing, she even uses her maiden name to enroll them in school.
  • Growing up going to Catholic schools taught her the value of service, silent retreats, and other spiritual disciplines. She still carries out these practices in her life today.
  • Bill and Melinda have used their intellectual horsepower to not just build a great business and wealth but also build an incredible Foundation and give back.
  • “All lives equally matter-no matter where they live in the world”
  • “The foundation is the embodiment of our values in the world” Their money follows their values.
  • “We need to live out our values in the world.”
  • “It’s in the humanity of the work where you connect with other people…”

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Homeless Children + You = Hope

Director Scott Moore is at it again. The guys at Authetikos, who brought you the riveting film “Reparando” which exposed the plight of Guatemala and the amazing Gospel work that is breaking out there, are working on their next project, “Becoming Fools.” Check out the trailer below and follow this link to see how you can be a part of the movement…and maybe save a child’s life.

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