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Learning from Kids about Leadership

The other day I sat down with a couple of the most influential people in my life to talk about leadership. Their perspective and input is very important to me. No leader becomes a great leader alone. Great leaders learn from others and invite input from others they trust.

Me? Some of the voices I listen to are my 11 year old, 10 year old, 7 year old, and 2 year old kids. Here’s what they had to say about leadership.

  • Leadership is setting an example for people around you.
  • Good leadership is being the best you can be.
  • Good leaders are obedient to their parents…translation…leaders know how to be under authority not just in authority.
  • Leadership means always having a happy heart…translation…the attitude of a leader matters.
  • Good leaders care more for others than they do for themselves.
  • Good leaders let others go first.
  • Bad leaders have a bad attitude and don’t care about others.
  • Good leaders always have good sportsmanship.
  • Bad leaders don’t care about others opinions, they’re in it for themselves…translations a sure fire way to become a bad leader is only looking out for yourself and not listening to others.
  • Bad leaders don’t want to be around their families…translation…bad leaders are lonely leaders, they lead alone.
  • “Don’t be a bad leader” (nuff said)

Oh, and my 2 year old added, “bee-doo, bee-doo, bee-doo Goooo Gators!” (smart kid)

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