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What every Executive Assistant wishes their Boss Knew

Fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible Executive Assistants through out the years. I recently asked my current Executive Assistant to do a bit of “market research” for me and have some conversations (a lot of conversations) with other administrative staff and come up with a list of top things they wish their bosses knew. Here’s some of the ideas that came back…

1. Consistency: Consistent weekly meetings are invaluable to me. Often the first and last of the week to touch base on tasks, projects, calendar, and objectives. This helps us effectively communicate and stay on the same page.

2. Trust: Don’t micromanage me. Help me understand the objectives and the playing field and then let me run.

3. Input: Let me have input into decisions that affect me. I see things from a different point of view than you, and you could be missing something.

4. Care: Care about me as a person, not just someone who gets things done for you. Ask me about my kids and my family and remember special days like my birthday and anniversary.

5. Clarity: Allow me to ask for clarity. When you give me a list of tasks to get accomplished on Tuesday and you already gave me a task list on Monday, allow me the freedom to push back and get clarity on what’s most important now, what can wait until next week, and what can wait until next month.

6. Boundaries: I’m your Administrative Assistant not your Personal Assistant. I’m not all that interested in picking up your laundry, scheduling hair appointments and the like.

7. Calendaring: If you want me to keep your schedule, then let me keep your schedule. 2 people trying to manage the same calendar just creates confusion and overlap. Help me know what kind of work routine and rhythm works best for your week, month, and year.

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