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Global Leadership Summit 2013: Chris Brown

Chris Brown serves as one of four Lead Pastors at North Coast Community Church in Southern California. Without question this was one of the best and most challenging talks for Church Leaders this year!

  • Spiritual Leadership will always be different than secular leadership
  • Saul had room in the company & army for David but not in his chariot
  • In the moment David’s achievements started to overshadow his, he became jealous
  • Pharaoh empowered Joseph…a pagan king got what the King of Israel didn’t get
  • Churches and companies raise leaders up to the top and then kick them out because there’s just one seat at the top so they have to go somewhere out…they’re not leaving on their own, you’re kicking them out because of you antiquated system and hierarchy
  • Insecure leaders have to have a title and a position
  • #1 Call sin, sin: servant leadership is going to hit our pride and our ego
  • Our calling has to trump our culture
  • Can you do this? Can you empower others to the point where you give up power, prestige, ego, and platform?
  • Start asking a different question…”Not how can I be the best leader, but how can I be more like Jesus?”
  • Do you have room in your chariot for a David or a Joseph?
  • Do you have room for God’s Kingdom and not yours?
  • Do I expand God’s Kingdom or my reputation?
  • What difference is the Holy Spirit making in the way I currently lead?
  • If a nonbeliever with my exact same skills and talent had my job, would they be doing it differently?

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