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life on the run

What if Dr. Seuss told the story of Jonah? It might sound a little bit like this…

The Lord’s word to Jonah came quite unexpected:
“Go down to Nineveh. You’ve been elected.”

But he didn’t go. Instead he ran right away.
Listen up, don’t you mimic. It will ruin your day!

Cause, you can’t run away from the Lord. Jonah knew it.
In this series we will find out what occurs when you do it!

So proud of the work that the Creative Arts Team at Sun Valley Community Church is doing!

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the equation

Just like an equation we work diligently to solve life’s problems; plugging in one guess after another, believing, eventually, we’ll reach the answer. But equations are funny and no one knows how the answers will land. Sometimes there’s no solution, other times infinite solutions, but most of the time only one. Is life a problem to be solved, or just a mystery to be lived?

Come and be a part of a brand new teaching series beginning Easter Weekend at Sun Valley Community Church. Click here to get the service times at one of our three locations Gilbert, Tempe, and Casa Grande.

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final destination

What happens when we die? Will we know our loved ones in heaven? Do we become angels? What about ghosts? Can the dead see us? What does the Bible really say about heaven, hell and our Final Destination? This weekdend we’re beginning a 6 week series on all three Sun Valley Campuses unpacking what the Bible teaches about what happens after we die. If you’re in the Phoenix Valley don’t miss it!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/34747801]

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Check out this teaser for a new series beginning this weekend at Sun Valley Community Church! We are all hoping for something at Christmas. As a child we hoped for that special gift… As adults we have bigger hopes and dreams… We all want purpose, peace and the promise of something better. So what are you hoping for THIS Christmas? Join us for a new series starting December 3rd & 4th on all three campuses Gilbert, Tempe, or Casa Grande! Get all the service time and location info on the campus that is closest to you here

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