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Creating and Leveraging learning opportunities Part-1

U.S. Companies invest 100’s of millions of dollars annually into the development and education of their employees in the hope that as their workforce grows, so will the company bottom line. Most Pastors however feel as though they can’t compete with the level of training that is done in Corporate America with both external and internal corporate trainers, massive learning institutes that are unique to their specific industry, and well funded and well tuned employee development plans. In fact, while a large majority of Pastors feel as though they have the responsibility to develop and train their Staff or their lay leaders, they are often left feeling discouraged, under resourced and poorly equipped to do so. So how can we in the Church World best create and leverage learning opportunities for our teams? While the list that follows may seem familiar, as you dig into it you’ll find that this isn’t as easy as it first may seem. After all, if developing people were so easy everyone would do it wouldn’t they?

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