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execution: the art of getting things done

One of the core competencies of leadership is to dream a preferred future. For most leaders dreaming is something that comes natural to them. They’re wired up to push towards the future and bring people with them. After all leadership is all about change…moving from here to there. The majority of leaders and churches don’t struggle with dreaming about the future. That’s not typically where we get bogged down. Where most churches begin to lose traction is actually taking real steps to make the vision happen…execution. After all who cares if you can dream, if you can’t get it done? Execution is the key.

Below are three simple ways to approach execution:

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Delegation vs Empowerment

Many organizations and people have a tendency to mistakenly use the words “delegation” and “empowerment” interchangeably, thinking that they are basically the same thing. This can become a fatal flaw. We’re not talking about simple nuance or semantics, but differences that will lead you in completely opposite directions. Recently I was in a conversation with some friends, discussing the differences between delegation and empowerment. This is my Top 5 List that I walked away from the conversation with:

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