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Why Church Health Matters and 14 Ways to Measure It

A few years ago, Tony Morgan and The Unstuck Group set out to help pastors get a clearer understanding of the health of their churches, believing access to a better scorecard for ministry would show pastors where they were making an impact and where their churches might be stuck. That desire led to the first edition of Vital Signs.

Tony has just released the 2016-2017 edition of Vital Signs: Why Church Health Matters and 14 Ways to Measure It. And here’s why I think you should grab a copy:

When you can honestly and accurately acknowledge unhealthy areas of your ministry, you can address them to move forward. That’s what this eBook is all about; bringing your leaders together around reality so you can improve it. This new edition includes updated benchmarks based on a research pool of 200+ churches across the country, a new metric, and stories of what some of the Top 10% churches are doing differently. If you happen to have read the 2014 edition of this resource, you’ll find plenty of new content in this updated edition.

Here’s what the Vital Signs eBook can help you accomplish:

  • Assess the full health of your church with 14 key metrics
  • Discover which aspects of your ministry fall within the Top 10%, Average, or Bottom 10% ranges based on 200+ churches
  • Unite your leaders around a shared definition of your church’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Move from diagnosing health to setting new direction for your church

If you’re ready to understand the true health of your church, I hope you’ll grab a copy of Vital Signs: Why Church Health Matters and 14 Ways to Measure It. I really believe it can provide the perspective you need to assess your health, establish your starting point, and build a plan for the future.

Click Here to Get Your Copy of Vital Signs

Also, included with the eBook this time around is a FREE Vital Signs Report — This customized report will automatically calculate your metrics and provide a summary of your results. It’s the first step for every client of The Unstuck Group and a $199 value on its own. But it’s free when you purchase the eBook.

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