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Leadercast 2014: Bill McDermott

These are my notes and take-aways from Bill McDermott, Co-CEO and Executive Board Member of SAP.

    • Leaders all have one thing in common…all leaders have followers
    • All winners have a dream
    • It all begins and ends with the customer
    • Dream jobs aren’t as easy as the dream
    • There are 2 kinds of people in organizations:
      • #1 People who go for whatever opportunity comes along
      • #2 People who wait around for the perfect opportunity
    • When opportunity knocks…you have to be ready to go
    • He took leadership of the worst performing region in the company
    • In business everyone is so busy telling people what to do they forget to listen. And people always listen.
    • He spent his first 3 weeks in his new job just listening to why they were 66 out of 66 in production (last).
    • 3 things that the employees in the worst performing region asked for:
      • #1 Stop cutting costs (give us the tools to do our job)
      • #2 Give us a clear vision of what you want (tell me where I’m going)
      • #3 Bring back our Christmas party (let’s have fun getting there)
    • High expectations + simple plan = an underdog come from behind story
    • “I am petrified of leaders who don’t understand the power of celebrating victories”
    • The first thing that had to change was the mindset about what is possible
    • Build your strategies for where the world is going…not where it has been
    • In today’s world purpose matter more than ever before
    • Your organization is either getting better, getting bored, or going broke

Have an audaciously bold dream for who you are and what yo mean for this world

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