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My Interview with 2 Women about their Choice to have an Abortion

I don’t typically post talks that I give, but every once in a while there’s one worth sharing. This weekend I had the incredible opportunity to interview two very courageous women about their choice to have an abortion, their experience with “church people,” their journey towards healing, and the grace and forgiveness they’ve experienced in Jesus. It will definitely go down as a high water mark in my ministry experience. If we’re honest about it, the Church hasn’t always handled this dialogue very well. We’ve historically postured ourselves in such a manner that we come off as not only anti-abortion, but anti-people who have an abortion. The in-congruency shows up when we take a look at the Scriptures and realize that Jesus isn’t anti-anybody. So here’s hoping that this talk inspires you, challenges you, crushes your heart for what crushes God’s, and perhaps challenges your thinking a bit on this emotionally and politically charged topic of abortion. If nothing else fast forward to the 12:21 minute mark to check out the interview segment.

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What could God do in 2013?

This past weekend on the Sun Valley Gilbert Campus I kicked off the new year sharing about why I love being a part of Sun Valley so much and something that has me deeply concerned as we go into 2013. Here’s the talk below, hope it’s helpful!

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Christmas Mashups

Some of you were asking about the Christmas mashups that we did at our Christmas Eve services on the Sun Valley Gilbert Campus. It made for some super fun music and some familiar tunes for guests! We did O Come, ‘O Come Immanuel’ with Muse’s ‘Uprising’ and ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ with Alex Clare’s new tune ‘Too Close’. Hope this gives you some ideas for the future! Enjoy!


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Out of the Box


This past weekend at Sun Valley Community Church we announced our plans to bring in $100,000 worth of food this holiday season at our campuses in Gilbert, Tempe and Casa Grande to benefit local food banks. “Out of the Box” is an effort to put feet to requests that have come from both local and state leadership to address issues of chronic hunger in Arizona. Throughout the month of December, people will have the opportunity to pick up a box that has a shopping list attached that was provided by local food banks with staple items that are in demand. The items on the list amount to about $20 worth of food. With a goal of filling 5,000 boxes, that will result in $100,000 worth of food that will feed 360 families for one month.

The theme “Out of the Box” is wrapped around the goal of making the focus of the Christmas season for Sun Valley a “cause” and not just “Christmas as usual.” On invitations that were handed out this weekend, the call to action for attendees was, “It’s our community; it’s OUR responsibility.” Already, as of this past weekend, over 3,500 boxes were handed out at the three campuses! We actually ran out of boxes on one of our campuses…oops! But no worries, more boxes will be distributed over the course of the next two weekends. The message was clear, “At Sun Valley, we want the word community in our name to mean something.”

Want more information? Click here.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


I’m excited to announce that Mike Wilson has won my latest give away of Rick Calcutt’s new book “The Blame Game.” Click here to check out my interview with Rick about his new book and get your own copy! It’s a great resource for building and improving the creative process at your church!

Like free stuff? From time to time I give away free resources from people and organizations that I believe in. If you are interested in being eligible to win these resources all you have to do is sign up to receive my blog posts directly to your email inbox. Winners are always randomly selected from the subscribers list! You can subscribe here if you’d like!


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