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This past weekend at Sun Valley Community Church we announced our plans to bring in $100,000 worth of food this holiday season at our campuses in Gilbert, Tempe and Casa Grande to benefit local food banks. “Out of the Box” is an effort to put feet to requests that have come from both local and state leadership to address issues of chronic hunger in Arizona. Throughout the month of December, people will have the opportunity to pick up a box that has a shopping list attached that was provided by local food banks with staple items that are in demand. The items on the list amount to about $20 worth of food. With a goal of filling 5,000 boxes, that will result in $100,000 worth of food that will feed 360 families for one month.

The theme “Out of the Box” is wrapped around the goal of making the focus of the Christmas season for Sun Valley a “cause” and not just “Christmas as usual.” On invitations that were handed out this weekend, the call to action for attendees was, “It’s our community; it’s OUR responsibility.” Already, as of this past weekend, over 3,500 boxes were handed out at the three campuses! We actually ran out of boxes on one of our campuses…oops! But no worries, more boxes will be distributed over the course of the next two weekends. The message was clear, “At Sun Valley, we want the word community in our name to mean something.”

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