Guatemala Day 4

Today the girls got their first taste of being flexible on the mission field.

Due to “a planned power outage” in the area (and by “in the area” I mean what seemed like half of Guatemala) we got a bit of a late start today. The late start came because it took a bit longer to do dishes and clean up after breakfast, having to boil water on the gas stove for hot water to clean the dishes and then “borrow” some water from a local pool to flush the toilets, etc. Then when we got to the orphanage to do Bible stories with the kids we discovered that it was National Arbor Day in Guatemala. So the kids were planting trees instead of doing their normal school routine. Which all of that meant the word “flexible” became pretty important today. However we did get to participate in serving at the feeding program again today, and the girls are doing great serving and loving on the kids here at Eagle’s Nest. After a quick nap for the girls this afternoon we went for a treat and visited a local coffee shop owned by one of the guys at the “House Church” we attended Sunday. It was INCREDIBLE! Coffee right from the grower in Guatemala, roasted right there in the shop, and brewed that day. You can bet with my love for coffee they’ll be a post coming later this month about the story of the owner and the coffee of Guatemala.

Looking forward to spending another day with the orphans at Eagle’s Nest tomorrow!

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