7 Ideas to Help you get the Right Things Done

Getting things done isn’t as easy as it sounds. A lot of people have grand ideas, but few ever see those ideas materialize. Often the gap between ideas and reality is found in the art of execution. But how do you know what to go after first? Here are 7 ideas to help you focus on getting the right things done.

1. Am I the only one who can do this?

Contrary to what you may think, you can’t do everything. And even what you can do, you can’t do as well as you think you can. There are probably some things that other people in your organization can do better than you. Let them do it. Free yourself up to do the right things.

2. Do I have to do this right now?

If the answer is no, then the obvious answer is don’t do it. Surprisingly enough many things we’re doing wouldn’t be missed if simply stopped doing them.

3. What gets me the furthest the fastest?

If you’ve got 5 things you could do today but you’re not sure which ones you should do today then ask yourself this simple question, ‘Which one of these things gets the organization and me the closest to the mission today?’

4. What do I repeatedly do that’s a waste of my time?

A reoccurring problem is a waste of everyone’s time and is usually a symptom of a systems problem.

5. What do I do that wastes other people’s time?

If you’re not sure the answer to this one, then this may be the most powerful question you ask your team this week. Simply ask, ‘What do I do that wastes your time?’ Then listen.

6. Does this get me where I want to, or need to go?

If you do this now will it move you closer to the mission? If not pass and move along to the next thing you need to do.

7. Not everything on your list needs to get done

You’re never going to get everything on your list done that you want to. So why not decide to at least start getting the right things done?

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