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There are literally dozens of excellent podcasts you can subscribe to for insights from well-known pastors, authors and leaders. If you’re already listening and learning from some of those podcasts I think you should probably keep listening to them.

For this new podcast, we wanted to offer you a chance to learn from pastors just like you who are taking significant steps to get unstuck. The team at the Unstuck Group is in hundreds of churches each year, of all different sizes and denominations. I think we have a unique perspective and unique access to stories that will both encourage and challenge you right where you are now.

In each episode of The Leadership Unstuck Podcast, we’re going to share three things:

1) Insights from Pastors

We will interview pastors about specific challenges and wins they’ve experienced in aspects of church leadership we believe are essential for getting unstuck.

2) Practical Next Steps

We’ll build on the same topic in a practical conversation with members of The Unstuck Group team to give you ideas for your next steps.

3) Laughs

We’re going to have some fun… because you need to laugh more.

Our aim with this is to bring you stories you can relate to that inspire hope. But we also know hope alone is not a strategy, so we’ll always take the conversation to practical next steps.

We can’t wait to get these first episodes out to you. We’re working hard and should have them out on iTunes and Google Play this month.

Opt-in here, and we’ll email you the links to the first two episodes as soon as we release them.

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